How Is Eyeshadow Blended?

How Is Eyeshadow Blended?

Two or more shades of eyeshadow are blended on the lids using a clean, dry blender brush or fingertips. Typically, one shade is placed in the crease of the eye while the other shade is placed on the lid, and the two are blended together.

Blending eyeshadow is a process that can take a little time to get the hang of. Proper tools and quality eye shadows make it much easier to create the desired look. Clean a makeup brush by running the bristles over the surface of a light-colored towel to remove the excess pigment from it. Brushes should also be cleaned once a week with soapy water to keep bacteria from building up.

Apply a base coat

Before applying the two contrasting colors of eye shadow, it is a good idea to put on a base coat of neutral shadow or eye shadow primer. This base coat makes it easier to blend the different shades on the eye lid.

Apply the light and dark shades

Apply a thin line of darker eye shadow to the brow crease, which is the place on the lid where the bony eye socket meets the eye. A lighter shade of shadow is applied to the lid between the lashes and the brow crease.

Blend the shades together

Blend these two shades of eye shadow from the outside of the lid towards the inner lid with a back and forth swiping motion. Keep blending until the transition between colors is smooth.