How Do You Do Eyebrows That Arch?

How Do You Do Eyebrows That Arch?

To shape eyebrows in an arch, find the inner starting points, locate the outer starting points, mark both, draw the arch shape, brush the brows and pluck extra hairs. Shaping the eyebrows into arches takes roughly 10 minutes and requires tweezers, a brow brush and an eye pencil.

  1. Find the inner starting points

    Place your tweezers along your nose so the end goes up to the inner corner of the eyebrow. Use the eye pencil to mark this location. Repeat on the other side.

  2. Find the outer end points

    Place the tweezers so that the bottom rests against your nostril. The tweezers should go up the cheek and touch the outer end of the brow. Mark this point, and repeat on the other side.

  3. Draw the shape

    Place the tip of the eye pencil at the bottom of the fullest section of the eyebrow. Draw a gentle curve along the brow bone to the mark for the end point. Repeat this step on the other side. Check to ensure both sides are the same shape.

  4. Brush the brows

    Use a clean mascara or brow brush to brush the hairs. Make sure they're fluffed and going in the desired direction.

  5. Pluck extra hairs

    Pluck any hairs between the two starting points and outside the end points. Pluck all the hairs under the drawn arches.