What Eyebrow Shapes Work Best for Different Face Shapes?


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Heart-shaped and oval face shapes look the best with balanced and gentle eyebrows. Faces that are square-jawed or round-shaped look more appealing with eyebrows that are arched and well-defined.

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Face shapes are categorized as round, square, oval and heart-shaped. Square faces have very strong jaws and benefit from an eyebrow shape that will soften the look. Softly rounded brows are recommended; however, a brow that is too round can produce a "rainbow" effect and destroy the definition of the face. Heart-shaped and oval faces are the most common and the easiest facial structures to flatter. The eyebrow shapes that are the most flattering for these face shapes are balanced shapes that are neither too thin and arched, nor too bushy and flat.

A round face is one that does not have clearly defined cheekbones or a prominent jaw. This face type requires eyebrow shapes that are very defined and sharp. Angular eye brow shapes with a high arch work well to add structure and definition to a round face. A long face requires brows that increase the East to West dimension, as the face is naturally structured in a vertical manner. Experts advise a long eyebrow shape with a tail that extends slightly beyond the corners of the eyes, to provide the required balance.

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