Does Eye Cream for Puffy Eyes Really Work?


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No scientific evidence supports the effectiveness of eye creams for treating puffy eyes, as of 2015. However, there is also no evidence that directly refutes the effectiveness of such creams. Puffy eyes can be caused by several factors.

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Eye creams aimed at reducing puffiness under and around the eyes often contain caffeine. Caffeine is thought to be a vasoconstrictor that causes blood vessels to constrict and push out excess fluids. Since under-eye puffiness can sometimes be caused by water retention, caffeine might work by removing the excess water from the area. However, most scientists don't believe that caffeine can be absorbed through the skin, so the effectiveness of this type of cream is disputed.

Some eye creams come in bottles with applicator balls that are designed to be cooling to the skin. While the cream itself may be ineffectual, the cool application roller might temporarily relieve eye puffiness that is caused by allergies or irritation.

Puffy eyes that are caused by water retention or irritation may be relieved by sleeping with the head slightly elevated, to promote the drainage of fluids away from the eyes. Puffy eyes may also be caused by fat deposits under the eyes. In this case, the puffiness is likely hereditary, and cosmetic surgery may be the only solution.

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