What Are Some Examples of Taper Haircuts?


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Some examples of tapered haircuts include the classic tapered haircut, the tight classic tapered haircut, the low tight tapered haircut and the traditional classic tapered haircut. The classic tapered haircut is relatively easy to maintain and looks great for a variety of ages and all lifestyles.

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The classic tapered haircut is usually cut with a #2 clipper guard and is about 2 inches long on the top. The tight classic tapered haircut is called a pompadour. The cut is dramatic, usually clipper cut as close as possible and faded high on the sides and back. The top of this haircut is usually around 5 inches long. The low tight taper haircut is reminiscent of a depression-era haircut. This cut is very short on the sides and back and quite a bit longer on the top. Because the fade is lower, the look is not as dramatic as the pompadour. The traditional classic tapered haircut is easy to maintain and is easy to style. This style is typically about 3 inches on the top.

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