What Are Some Examples of Steampunk Clothing?

What Are Some Examples of Steampunk Clothing?

Examples of steampunk clothing include ruffled blouses, long skirts, corsets and belts for women. Steampunk clothing for men includes billowy shirts, suspenders, vests and structured hats.

Steampunk fashion is based on Victorian clothing with science fiction additions. The general premise is often a post-apocalyptic world set either in the Victorian era or the American Wild West in which steam is still a main source of power.

Because steampunk style is based on science fiction, the clothing styles are often categorized according to character types. For example, people seek to dress like dapper gentlemen, rugged explorers or crazy inventors in many cases. They base their clothing items on these characters.

The accessories and accenting set steampunk clothing apart from historical costumes. Accessories and accenting should have a futuristic look. Common accessories include goggles, ammunition belts and pocket watches. Gears are common accents added to clothing, hats and belts.

A woman's outfit can start with a Victorian-era dress or blouse and skirt ensemble. A corset may be worn on the outside. Hats are also very common, though sometimes women wear tiny versions to get away from historical accuracy.

Men often costume themselves according to a character. The rugged explorer look often starts with riding pants tucked into boots and paired with suspenders, a loose shirt and a vest. A bow tie or fancy cravat works well. Goggles are a common accessory for this look.