What Are Some Examples of Rocker Chic Clothing?

Rocker chic is an edgy and rebellious style of clothing that often includes torn jeans, studded boots and belts, leather jackets, mini skirts, fishnet stockings or T shirts that feature rock band names. This type of clothing is versatile for mixing and matching. Some people wear rocker chic clothing in addition to other styles, while others choose to include it as a main part of their lifestyle wardrobe.

Rocker chic is a popular clothing style for high school- or college-age people. Some celebrities with a wild side also enjoy wearing this style. The look originated in the 1950s when "greasers" and other rebellious teens donned the fashion. Since then, the style has remained essentially the same.

Those who wear rocker chic fashion often pair their clothing with coordinating accessories. Stacked bangle bracelets, large chain necklaces, studded chokers, leather clutches and dark makeup pair well with the style. Many people wear rock-inspired clothing in layers to add flair to the look. Consumers can find rocker fashion items in a variety of places, from designer shops to thrift stores. Vintage items mixed with new attire create a unique look that turns heads. The only rule to the style is to dress with attitude.