What Are Examples of Red Lipstick Suitable for Skin With Blue Undertones?

What Are Examples of Red Lipstick Suitable for Skin With Blue Undertones?

People whose skin has blue undertones look best in red lipsticks that also have blue undertones. These people should avoid warm-toned red lipsticks, including those with yellow or orange undertones. There are a variety of cool-toned red lipsticks that look good with cool skin tones.

One good choice is a bright red lipstick with a definite blue undertone. This lipstick works well on all shades of cool-toned skin, and it also makes teeth look whiter. Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipstick in color RD 415 is one example.

For people with cool olive skin tones, a red lipstick with brown and blue undertones is a good choice. This red may also have purple undertones. One example is Catrice Stay On lipstick in color 090, Lasting Burgundy.

Some people with cool skin tones also look good in bright red lipstick with pink undertones. An example of this type of lipstick is Catrice Rouge Satin in color 060, Spanish Red.

Dark red lipsticks with cool purple undertones work well on people with blue skin undertones. Dark lipstick tends to make lips look smaller, so be aware of this effect. A good example of a dark red lipstick with cool purple undertones is Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in color Courtisane 02.

Finally, people with cool blue skin undertones can also wear a ruby red lipstick with a purple undertone. A good example is Maybelline Superstay lipstick in color 550, Radiant Ruby.