What Are Examples of Indian Head Jewelry?


The headpieces worn by Indian women are called tikka jewelry. Tikka headpieces are worn on the forehead, and they are often seen on brides and dancers.

The tikka ornament has two parts: the chain and the pendant. At one end of the chain is the hook, which pins the tikka to the hair. At the other end of the chain is the pendant, which is supposed to rest on the center of the forehead. This spot is thought to contain the ajna chakra, which symbolizes preservation. This specific chakra is often depicted as having two petals, and it is presided over by Ardhanarishvara. This deity is half male and half female, and it represents the unification of the two genders. For this reason, the tikka ornament is often worn by brides on their wedding day in order to express the sacred and physical union of marriage.

Another example of Indian headwear is the nose ring, called the nath. It is also a common wedding accessory for Indian women. Earrings are a common bridal accessory as well. According to Indian lore, evil spirits have the ability to enter the body through its openings. Attaching ornaments to the ears and nose is thought to ward off evil intruders.