What Are Examples of Indian Hairstyles?

What Are Examples of Indian Hairstyles?

Some examples of Indian hairstyles include buns, plaits, braids, loose waves, curls, up-dos and half-up half-down styles. Each can be customized to fit the wearer's tastes and outfits.

Chignons, more commonly known as buns, are popular tied hair styles. Chignons are mainly worn for traditional or celebratory events. They are tied near the nape of the neck and adorned with flowers or other decorative items.

Messy buns are a more casual yet still stylish version of the chignons. The center of the hair is curled while the upper half is left straight. It is then twisted on the sides, brought back and tied into a bun at the nape of the neck.

Braided hairstyles such as plaits, fish-tail braids and side braids are also popular choices. Plaits, like chignons, are a more traditional Indian hairstyle. This particular style is best suited for those with long, thick hair.

Fish-tail braids are seen as more chic and can be styled to suit the wearer. Experimentation is the key to discovering the perfect style for these trendy braids.

Side braids are timeless and classic. To achieve this look, the hair is brushed to the side, then braided. Bangs and stray wisps of hair left loose can add a unique touch to this hairdo.