What Are Some Examples of Gypsy Clothing?


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Some examples of Roma clothing include full-length skirts tied on the left side of the waist and often covered in floral designs, low-cut blouses and bolero vests. Another example of Roma clothing is a thin strip of ribbon that married women wear.

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Traditional male costumes do not exist in Roma culture. As a result, male Roma typically dress in accordance with the prevailing style of the area in which they live but tend to have a distaste for neckties. Many older Roma men wear hats, and a type of neckerchief called a "diklo" is popular among European Roma men. Both Roma men and women like to dress opulently, with lots of jewelry, large belt buckles and other accessories.

Many Roma women adopt casual styles of dress that reflect the culture in which they live, such as jeans in most western cultures. However, Roma girls generally insist on wearing the traditional ankle-length skirt when greeting guests.

The most variable item of dress for Roma women is the dress, which comes in a variety of sizes, fabrics and textures. While the dress is often ankle-length, flounced and covered in a floral design, some Roma women choose monochrome fabrics without flouncing and others choose shorter skirt lengths.

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