What Are Examples of Grunge Clothes?


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Examples of grunge clothing include flannel button-up shirts worn untucked over large t-shirts, broken-in and ripped jeans, weathered leather jackets and black combat boots. The grunge look incorporates a care-free and thrift-store aesthetic.

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Born in the 1990s, the grunge look exemplifies an anti-fashion stance with elements of punk, combining fashion pieces with muted tones of black and gray that are not traditionally worn together. The grunge look tends to be unisex, with both men and women wearing oversized items including shirts, cardigans and denim overalls. The look also involves doing extensive layering of clothing. As an example, long-sleeve t-shirts may be worn under large tank tops. Women pair leggings with an open flannel shirt and a long t-shirt. They also wear baby-doll dresses or slip dresses with patterned tights and chunky boots if looking to incorporate a feminine look. Cut-off shorts and skirts are additional traditional examples. For men, ripped corduroys that are cuffed are worn as well as untucked waffle-knit thermals, highly textured wool sweaters, and broken-in military jackets. Grunge accessories include black combat boots, loafers, skateboarding shoes, wool ski caps, fingerless gloves, vanity buttons and vintage-style sunglasses. To complete the look, hair is kept unkempt and messy, and often matted down.

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