What Are Some Examples of Easy-to-Make Accessories?


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Studded barrettes, cuff bracelets, thin bracelets, studded earrings and key chains are several easy-to-make accessories. Making studded barrettes involves applying pyramid studs to a hair clip using superglue and round needle-nose pliers and letting the clip dry. To make cuff bracelets, prepare studs, needle, thread, heavyweight cotton webbing tape and snap fasteners. Necessary tools include scissors, nylon jaw pliers and round needle-nose pliers.

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Create cuff bracelets by cutting webbing to fit your wrist, with an additional 2 inches for hemming. Fold around 1/2 inch to hem each end, fold another 1/2 inch, and stitch using matching thread. Attach the snaps by stitching to each end of the webbing, and arrange the studs on the webbing according to your preferred pattern. Fold spikes around the webbing, and use nylon jaw pliers to keep the studs in place.

To make thin bracelets, prepare thin webbing, leather strips, tags, jump rings and clasps. Additionally, prepare studs, a craft knife, scissors and pliers. Cut the appropriate webbing length, press stud spikes through the webbing, and use needle-nose pliers to fold the spikes closed.

To make leather bracelets, push studs onto the leather strips to create indented areas, and make tiny holes using a craft knife. Press the studs through the indented marks, use pliers to close the spikes, and secure in place with nylon jaw pliers.

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