What Are Some Examples of Ankle-Bracelet Tattoos?


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Although ankle tattoos are sometimes designed to resemble actual jewelry, any type of chain tattoo can be adapted into an ankle-bracelet tattoo. Ankle bracelet tattoos are often feminine designs.

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Ankle tattoos are typically designed to accentuate the ankle area. Ankle-bracelet tattoo designs can consist of either a band or series of small, delicate pictures. For instance, a Celtic or tribal band is one option. A popular design for women is a vine of flowers, a chain of hearts or a shower of stars. A circle of barbed wire or a bicycle chain is another option.

Some women opt for tattoos that resemble an actual ankle bracelet. Such a design can look like a chain with small charms hanging from rings. As with an actual bracelet, the charms represent whatever is important to the wearer. Another option is a chain with a single pendant representing significance to the wearer.

Socialite Nicole Richie, for example, has rosary beads tattooed around her ankle; the cross hangs over her foot. Some women combine this image with other symbols important to them, such as anchors or hearts, while others add words. A word or phrase can also serve as an ankle bracelet tattoo if it wraps all the way around the ankle. Other pictorial options include a string of paw prints or swimming dolphins.

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