What Are Some Examples of 1920s Men's Hairstyles?


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Hairstyles for men in the 1920s were influenced by a number of factors. These hairstyles varied in length, and there were styles for a variety of textures.

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What Are Some Examples of 1920s Men's Hairstyles?
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The military cut, or buzz cut, originated in the 1920s because of World War I. The hair was cut close to the head for low maintenance, and men of various ethnic groups wore the style. Men with longer hair often wore their tresses slicked back to show off their facial features. For this hairstyle, the top of the hair was kept longer than the sides and back to create a style that was neat and slightly edgy. Hair was often parted on one side and slicked back using gel or pomade as well.

Ocean waves hairstyles were quite common in the 1920s as well, especially among African-American men. A tonic was used to mold the hair into the shape of waves that framed the face after the hair was parted in the middle.

Younger men and little boys also wore a variation of the slick-back hairstyle, in that their hair was long on top and tapered in the back and on the sides. However, no hair products were used to maintain these styles when they were worn by youths, in most cases.

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