How Do You Get Even Skin Tone?

How Do You Get Even Skin Tone?

To achieve an even skin tone, treat your face with lightening serum and oil-free sunscreen, apply a light-diffusing foundation and concealer, prime the eyelids, and apply loose powder. This 45-minute process requires lightening serum, sunscreen, a mirror, a cosmetic sponge, foundation, concealer, eyelid primer, loose powder and a fluffy brush.

  1. Apply lightening serum and sunscreen

    Apply lightening serum to clean skin, give it a minute to dry, and then apply a generous amount of sunscreen. Massage the sunscreen into the skin, and wait several minutes while your skin absorbs it.

  2. Apply light-diffusing foundation and concealer

    Use a cosmetic sponge to apply a thin layer of light-diffusing foundation. Pat the sponge over the skin without pressing or pulling it. Dab concealer over dark spots, small blemishes and scars.

  3. Prime the eyelids

    Dispense a dot of eyelid primer onto a fingertip, and pat it on one eyelid from the lash line to the brow bone. Repeat on the other eyelid.

  4. Dust the skin with loose powder

    Swirl a large, fluffy cosmetic brush into translucent loose powder. Remove the excess powder by tapping the handle of the brush on the rim of the jar, and then swirl the brush over the skin. Use very light circular strokes, and move the brush from the middle of the face out to the hairline, ears and jawline.