How Do You Even Out African-American Skin Tone Naturally?

It is possible to even out African American skin with natural products, such as natural exfoliating scrubs, Aloe vera gels, vitamin E and shea butter. Homemade exfoliating requires combining equal parts milk, brown sugar and oatmeal and then scrubbing the face with this mixture.

Because exfoliating scrubs get rid of dead skin cells, this helps even out skin tone. Similarly, using Aloe vera gel combined with vitamin E may help with hyperpigmentation because the Aloe vera helps slough off dead skin. The Aloe vera can be mixed with the contents of two vitamin E capsules and applied to the skin at night.

Applications of shea butter may be helpful for dark spots, as well. Shea butter is an alternative to skin lightening products that contain hydroquinone. Some causes of hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone are overexposure to heat or sun and skin.