How Do You Estimate the Value of Antique Jewelry?


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Unless you are an expert at antique jewelry, the most accurate way to estimate the value or antique jewelry is a professional appraisal. Tools to find a professional appraiser are available on AppraisersAssociation.org and Appraisers.org, as of 2015. To get an idea of an antique jewelry piece's value, look up the retail prices of similar pieces.

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To find a nearby appraiser on AppraisersAssociation.org or Appraisers.org, visit either site's home page and click Find An Appraiser. Fill out the form with the necessary information, and perform a search. Search for appraisers that specialize in the type of jewelry you have, as jewelry appraisal is a specialized field. Research multiple appraisers, and choose one to appraise your piece. Avoid any appraiser who also offers to buy the piece or sell it for a percentage of the price, as both of these create a conflict of interest.

Factors that affect an antique jewelry piece's value include its carat weight, clarity, color, manufacturer and condition. Rarer pieces also tend to be worth more.

If you sell a piece to a jewelry dealer, expect to get around 20 to 50 percent of its appraisal or retail value. Sellers are usually able to sell a piece closer to its actual value when selling private party or through an auction house, but these both typically take much longer

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