What Are the Essential Elements of a Style Makeover?

What Are the Essential Elements of a Style Makeover?

The essential elements of a style makeover are understanding what colors suit what skin tones, finding the most flattering silhouettes for every body, understanding style personalities, and building appropriate wardrobes for occasions and seasons. Style makeovers often involve adjusting grooming habits as well.

The best foundation to begin a style makeover is ensuring that grooming habits are solid and making adjustments where needed. This includes manicuring nails, finding a hairstyle or updating makeup looks. All of these changes should be suited to the person's personality and lifestyle.

As far as skin tones, some look better in cool tones that are blue based, while other skin tones are better suited to warm tones that are yellow based. Occasionally, a person has a skin tone that looks good with both cool and warm colors.

Style personalities and body shapes can vary. Certain styles should be avoided if they do not flatter the person's shape. Often, style personalities mimic the person's lifestyle but can be enhanced for a more flattering overall look. The new wardrobe pieces coordinate to work in multiple aspects of the person's life: work, casual wear, fitness and special occasions.

It is a good idea to audit a wardrobe twice a year to ensure pieces are in good condition, still flattering and appropriate for the change in weather to come. It is wise to make a list of pieces to replace when going shopping.