How Do You Ensure Designer Handbags From EBay Are Authentic?

To ensure designer handbags from eBay are authentic, ask the seller questions about the bag and her return policy. Avoid bags priced significantly lower than the retail price or ads without legitimate pictures. When you receive the bag, take it to the designer's store or mail it to a boutique.

Questions to ask the seller include where she bought it or how she obtained it. Check the return policy in the ad to verify that you can have the bag authenticated, and ask the seller if that information isn't provided. Only bid on the item if the seller offers a full refund if the bag is counterfeit.

Although significant discounts are often available, a low Buy It Now price is often the sign of a counterfeit bag. However, ads with low starting bids are common.

Sellers of counterfeit bags may use images from the designer's website to avoid using a picture of the bag they're selling. Only bid if the ad has an item of the bag being sold.

Determine how to authenticate the bag before you bid. If you don't have the designer's store in your area, call one of its boutiques or the corporate office, and ask if you can send the bag for authentication. Verify that you can have the authentication completed within eBay's time limit for fraud claims.