How Do You Encourage Beard Growth?


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Eating a balanced diet, practicing diligent skin care and quitting smoking are excellent ways to encourage beard growth. Even those who have difficulty growing facial hair benefit from these practices. Genetic factors also have a significant impact on beard growth.

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Nutrition is essential for healthy nails and hair. According to Men's Life Today, protein is particularly important. Inadequate protein consumption drastically slows hair growth, and chronic protein deficiency causes temporary hair loss. Other nutrients that encourage hair and beard growth are vitamins A, B, C and E and beta carotene. Smoking is also detrimental to all hair growth, because nicotine reduces the absorption of key nutrients. Smokers frequently suffer from brittle hair as well.

According to GQ magazine, hygiene has a large impact on beard growth. Men who want thicker beards should use a gentle face wash twice a day and an exfoliating treatment once or twice a week. This stimulates facial circulation, removes excess oil, whisks away dead skin cells and helps prevent ingrown hairs. Moisturizer is another important ally in the quest for a fuller, thicker beard. The best moisturizers for day wear feature a high SPF, which prevents premature signs of aging and reduces the risk of skin cancer. Heavier moisturizers are best worn overnight, especially in cold, dry environments.

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