How Do You Emphasize a Weak Chin?

According to FAQ Pop, there are multiple ways to emphasize a weak chin, such as improving posture and wearing makeup. Emphasizing a weak chin is important because a weak chin throws off the symmetry of the face. Often, a weak chin makes the face appear larger than it really is.

Applying a little bronzer or blush right under the jawline and chin creates an illusion of a strong chin. People who use this method get the best results when they blend the blush and bronzer so that the color change is not obvious. Once the makeup is applied, it should be finished off with a light powder.

Improving posture is done by walking with the head held high and the chin slightly protruding. Walking with the head and chin tilted down gives the illusion of an even weaker chin by causing a flattening effect.

Men also have the option of growing out a beard to help improve their chin and jawline. This is because beards give the face texture, which creates the illusion of strong facial features. This is often believed to be the reason why some babies become fixated on men with beards. According to NewScientist, babies prefer to gaze upon attractive faces with strong features.