How Do You Do Emo Hair?

To make the perfect emo style, you first need the right haircut. Go for choppy layers and long bangs for the best start. Use a hair straightener to get the hair sleek, edgy and easy to style. Then use hairspray to add texture, volume and lock everything in place.

  1. Get the right haircut

    Although there are variations for emo hairstyles, most involve longer hair with choppy layers and long, swooping bangs. Choppy layers can be achieved with razor edging, which also thins out the hair and makes it more pliable. Leave the bangs long but cut across your face at a diagonal angle to get the classic swoopy look.

  2. Straighten the hair

    Almost all emo hairstyles involve very straight hair. Straightening helps to achieve the choppy and edgy look and also makes it easier to manipulate your hair for further styling. Use a heat protectant and a high quality hair straightener to prevent your hair from getting damaged and dried out. Straighten the hair in smaller sections for best results.

  3. Style the hair

    Use hair wax to add texture and make your hair easier to mold; this can also be achieved by beginning with smaller amounts of hairspray and styling the hair before the spray fully dries. Either way should make it easy to style your hair into the desired look using your fingers or a comb.

  4. Spray the hair

    Once you have achieved your desired look, use a generous and even coat of hairspray to lock it in place. Using a more expensive hair spray is very worth it for emo hairstyles, as it creates intense hold that doesn't dry or flake even in large quantities. You will also use less of a higher quality hairspray, so you can save in the long run and look better.