How Do You Eliminate Foot Odor in Shoes?


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LiveStrong.com and HowToRemoveThat.com name several household remedies for shoe odor, including laundering and the use of cat litter, baking soda and newspaper. Except for laundering, the remedies generally work overnight.

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How Do You Eliminate Foot Odor in Shoes?
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Those with stinky shoes can put cat litter in a pair of socks and insert them into shoes to absorb odors. Another method involves sprinkling baking soda into shoes, allowing them to sit overnight and dumping the powder into the trash the next morning. It may be necessary to repeat the baking soda remedy every time the person wears the shoes. Stuffing shoes with crumpled newspaper can remove shoe odors as well. After laundering shoes in a washing machine, they should sit outside to dry. It is inadvisable to wear wet or damp shoes.

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