What Is an Electric Straightening Comb?


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The electric straightening comb is a hair straightening tool that consists of a metal comb with a heating element inside that straightens hair using the heat. The electric straightening comb can straighten hair close to the hair root.

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Before using an electric straightening comb on hair, determine the hair's texture and type to decide on the heat setting that would be best for straightening the hair. Thicker, coarse hair requires higher heat than thin, fine hair. Test the temperature of the electric comb before beginning the straightening process. Hold a towel in between the teeth of the comb, and if it does not turn brown, it is safe to begin straightening the hair. If the towel becomes a crispy brown color, lower the heat setting of the comb. Once the temperature of the electric straightening comb is properly tested, begin straightening. To ensure that the hair does not burn, it is important that hair is completely dry. Heat can cause damage to the hair follicle, but taking the necessary precautions can drastically limit the damage. Oils such as rosemary and lavender can be applied to the hair prior to using the electric straightening comb. The oils help protect the hair against damage.

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