What Are Some Effective Treatments for Skin Redness?


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Some effective treatments for skin redness include applying a cold compress, changing detergents or fabric softeners, changing makeup or foundation, applying hydrocortisone cream and taking prescription medicine, suggest Allure magazine and WebMD. Skin redness can have many causes, and effective treatment can depend on the underlying cause of discoloring.

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While some skin redness could be caused by simple changes in routine, it also could be a sign of something more serious such as rosacea, acne or lupus, states WebMD. A doctor may prescribe medications, typically a form of topical steroids or anti-inflammatory medicine, to treat more serious redness. Less serious forms can be caused by skin irritation, allergies or menopause. Changes such as a new makeup, a new laundry detergent or different prescription medicines can cause redness, irritation or changes in skin tone.

By identifying any changes in the daily routine, an individual can pinpoint the possible source of the irritation and revert back to a prior routine, states WebMD. A cold compress also can be effective in reducing irritation and flushing due to menopause, as it restricts flow to the blood vessels, states WebMD.

Mineral foundation make-up can cover red spots on skin, and a rich moisturizer may protect against irritants and allergies, states Allure. Individuals should report any unusual skin irritation or redness to a doctor.

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