What Are Some Effective and Polite Ways to Get Ladies' Phone Numbers?


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Approaching strangers or even acquaintances of the opposite sex can be very stressful and nerve-wracking. Especially, when the entire goal is to lightly flirt and engage in trivial conversation ultimately aimed at acquiring a female's home or cell phone number, success depends on masking disappointment.

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There are a few tried and true methods of approaching females in a social setting. First, remind yourself to relax and play it cool. To achieve this, meditation and deep breathing exercises are typically the most utilized options to prime for calmness and tranquility. After you make it over the initial hump of making your move, proceed to tell a joke or start a conversation, all the while maintaining eye contact, using expressive body language, and of course, engaging in a little flirting to accurately convey your interest. The topic of conversation should be appropriate and based upon an observed noticeable similarity you both share.

Many men faced with this scenario encounter some negative drawbacks associated with a potential failed attempt. Nonetheless, it is only natural to feel rejected and embarrassed immediately following a failure, but the trick is to avoid playing into those negative emotions and feelings, which may lead to an impaired judgement.

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