What Are Some Effective Acne Treatments?


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Topical benzoyl peroxide, topical salicyclic acid and retinoids are proven acne treatments, according to Everyday Health. Benzoyl peroxide and topical salicyclic acid are over-the-counter products, while retinoids are only available by prescription.

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Benzoyl peroxide treats acne by regulating bacteria on the skin, explains Everyday Health. Possible side effects of this treatment are stinging, dryness, tingling and peeling. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid that unclogs pores by lightly peeling the skin. Possible side effects of this treatment include dryness and sensitivity to the sun. Retinoids, a treatment derived from vitamin A, prevent clogged pores. Side effects of this treatment include possible sensitivity to sunlight, dryness, burning and scaling.

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