What Are Some Easy Ways to Braid Hair?


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A standard ponytail plait is probably the easiest braid hairstyle. Other easy braided styles include a plaited bun, fishtail, braided crown and individual braided strands.

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What Are Some Easy Ways to Braid Hair?
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The standard ponytail plait involves pulling the hair back and securing it with a hair tie. Divide the hair into three strands. Alternate crossing the strands over the middle until the braid is complete, and secure with another hair tie. The ponytail plait can be transformed into a bun easily. Simply coil the plait around the base of the ponytail, and secure with bobby pins. Tuck the end of the braid under the bun to hide it.

The fishtail is another easy braid hairstyle. For this look, sweep the hair to the side and secure with a clear elastic. Divide the hair into two even sections. Separate out a 1/2-inch segment of hair from one of the sections, and cross it over to the other side. Repeat this procedure on the other side. Continue weaving the hair this way until the fishtail is complete, and then secure with a hair tie.

If the hair is long enough, a braided crown is an easy style. Pull the hair back into two low ponytails, securing with clear elastics. Braid each ponytail. Wrap one of the ponytails over the top of the head 1 inch back from the forehead, and secure with bobby pins. Repeat with the other braid, securing it behind the first.

Another easy style is to only braid individual strands of the hair, such as the bangs or the sides. Either a standard plait or a fishtail can be used for this style.

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