What Is an Easy Way to Remove Your Big Toe Nail?


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There is not an easy way to entirely remove a toe nail, but surgical removal can be done at a doctor's office to treat a painful nail or a severe or returning nail infection. Removing a toe nail is painful and may bleed more than expected, according to Drugs.com. Without proper treatment, the nail can become swollen, painful and infected.

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Seeking the advice of a doctor or medical clinic is recommended to advise patients of possible treatments, risks and care of toe nails. In some cases, a nail can be entirely removed to assist with treating a recurring infection. The doctor will inject the toe with a pain killer and use a tool to loosen the skin around the nail bed before removing the entire or partial nail. Surgery is usually only performed for extremely uncomfortable toe nails that are damaged, diseased or painful, notes WebMD.

In extreme cases, the nail cuticle can be treated with a chemical, destroying the nail matrix and preventing further nail growth.

After a toe nail is removed, a doctor may advise treatment with oral or topical antibiotics. Toe nails grow back more slowly than fingernails and may take 1 to 2 years to fully recover. After surgical removal, the toe nail may grow back in an abnormal shape.

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