What Is an Easy Way to Make a French Braid for Beginners?


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A three-strand French braid is an easy way for beginners to make a French braid. It is possible to use more stands, but using fewer strands simplifies the braiding process.

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  1. Section the hair
  2. First, divide the hair along the natural part line or create a deep side part, then use hair clips to divide the hair on one side of the head into three strips.

  3. Braid one side
  4. Grasp 1-inch of hair from the front of each strip. Wrap the outer edges around the center strand. Repeat this all the way to the back and use a hair tie to secure loose ends.

  5. Braid the other side
  6. Repeat the sectioning and braiding steps on the other side of the head. Braid or tie the loose ends into a ponytail.

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