What Is an Easy Way to Create Your Own Shoes?


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The easiest way to create shoes is to make sandals by cutting a piece of rubber or leather and threading string or leather strips through it. Many cultures have a history of making sandals, and many of these shoes are fairly simple to replicate with modern tools.

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Flip-flops are popular for do-it-yourself work due to the simple design. The bottoms of flip-flops are often made from a rugged foam material designed for use with shoes, and amateur shoemakers can purchase this material in fairly large sizes at a reasonable cost. After measuring the foot and cutting the board, shoemakers can thread cloth or leather through holes cut in the material to create the part that covers the feet and holds the front of the flip-flop in place.

While they are considerably more complex to make, traditional shoes of all types aren't too difficult to make with plans and the right tools. Leather is a popular material for do-it-yourself shoes due to its price and durability, and shoemakers can make the base of the shoe using rubber designed for shoes. People new to shoemaking might want to first purchase a kit designed for do-it-yourself work to get used to working with common shoe materials.

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