What Is an Easy Way to Color Dark Hair?

An easy way to color dark hair is to use a cool-toned home dye kit within two shades of the person's natural hair color. Subtle highlights make the new color appear more natural, flattering and vibrant. The supplies needed include a home dye kit, a highlighting kit and towels.

Purchase the hair dye kit at least two days before you plan to color your hair. Choose a base dye close to the natural color, and a highlight shade that is slightly lighter.

Open the dye box, read the instructions thoroughly and perform the skin patch test. This ensures that the user does not suffer an allergic reaction while dying the hair.

Mix and apply the dye according to the manufacturer's instructions. Rinse and dry the hair until it is barely damp, and then inspect the color. If the hair has unappealing orange or brassy tones, rinse it with fresh tepid coffee. Leave the coffee on the hair for five minutes, rinse thoroughly, and let the hair dry naturally.

Open the highlighting kit, read the instructions, and perform a patch test. Brush the highlights into your hair according to the package directions, wait for the highlights to develop, and rinse the hair.