What Are Some Easy Tricks for Tying a Tie?

One of the simplest formal tie knots available, the so-called Oriental or Kent knot, involves five easy steps. Another easy knot with just six steps is the schoolboy knot, also known as the four-in-hand.

The Kent knot involves the fewest number of steps from an untied state to a fully functional tie, but the four-in-hand is another contender. Both require the knotter to hang the tie around his neck and cross the wide end of the tie over the skinnier end, then pass the wide end through the loop, but they differ in the number of crosses made. With a four-in-hand, the tie crosses over the skinny end twice, while with a Kent, the tie crosses over once.

In addition, a tie being tied in a Kent knot is hung from the neck with the back of the tie facing out to start, while a four-in-hand starts in a front-side-out position. They are otherwise very similar knots and take five and six steps, respectively.

One trick many men use to make wearing a tie easier is never to untie the loop in between wearings, but this is not recommended, as it can damage the tie.