What Is an Easy, Inexpensive Soap Recipe for Beginners?

easy-inexpensive-soap-recipe-beginners Credit: Betsie Van Der Meer/Stone/Getty Images

The easiest and most inexpensive way to make soap is with a melt-and-pour soap base. The base must be melted, gently mixed with desired fragrances and dyes and poured into a mold to cool and solidify before it can be used.

The first thing that must be done with a melt-and-pour base is that it must be divided into appropriate amounts for the mold that will be used. The base needs to be melted once it has been divided--this can be done by heating the base in the microwave and stirring it every minute, or it can be done over a double boiler with continuous gentle stirring.

Measure out .4 ounces of essential oil or fragrance for every pound of soap being made. Gently mix the fragrance into the melted base. Spray the mixture with rubbing alcohol if any bubbles form. Add the desired amount of food coloring to the melted base and continue stirring. Make sure to use soap-grade dye.

Carefully pour the melted base into the mold after the fragrance and dye have been thoroughly mixed. Again, spray the soap with rubbing alcohol if any bubbles form. To cool and harden the soap, leave the mold out overnight or in a refrigerator for an hour. Do not put the soap into the freezer. Carefully remove the hardened soap and smooth any rough edges with a damp cloth.