What Are Some Easy Hairstyling Tips?

What Are Some Easy Hairstyling Tips?

What Are Some Easy Hairstyling Tips?

Some handy tips for easy hairstyling include inserting bobby pins with the wavy side downward, rolling hair in aluminum foil to curl it with a flat iron, wrapping hair up in a headband and using spin pins. Styling tips for fuller looking hair include pulling braids apart, inserting bobby pins under ponytails and teasing braids with a toothbrush, notes Cosmopolitan magazine.

Most people wear bobby pins with the wavy side pointing upwards. However, pointing this side downwards helps the pins grip the hair and stay in place.

To create quick curls without a lot of fuss, wind the hair into a coil, wrap it with aluminum foil and press the foil down with a straightening iron.

Wrapping hair in a headband creates a very easy and elegant updo. To get the look, wind the ends of the hair at the bottom of a headband and put on the headband.

One spiral hairpin is worth several bobby pins. To insert these, simply twist them into an updo, according to Cosmopolitan.

Pulling braids apart makes them appear looser and thicker, creating the illusion of fuller hair. Going over braids with a toothbrush creates a similar effect by texturizing the hair.

Pinning the bottom of a ponytail upwards creates a fuller look. Layering two ponytails on top of one another can create a similar effect.