What Are Some Easy Hairstyles for Girls?


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Easy hairstyles for girls include a ponytail, high or low bun, a three stand braid and a French plait. A Dutch plait, a half-up half-down style are also popular. Easy hairstyles also include adding simple accessories to the hair, like a headband, a bobby pin, a hat or a bow.

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Other easy hairstyles for girls include a French twist, a knot, twisted braids, side ponytails and a fishtail braid. Curls or waves created by curling the hair with a curling wand or a curling iron are also easy.

To create a high ponytail, bend over, take all your hair, bring it to the top of your head, and tie with an elastic band. For a braid, take three strands of hair, and bring right strand over center and then the left strand over center. Repeat this process until all hair is braided, and tie the end with an elastic band.

To create a knot, separate hair at the nape of your neck into two strands, tie them like you would a regular knot. Repeat this process multiple times to create multiple stylish knots.

You can also take half of your hair, bring it up, and tie the upper-half with an elastic band. Create a fishtail braid by separating the hair into two sections and bringing a small piece of hair from one section over the other section and then repeating this process on the other side.

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