What Are Some Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Thin, Medium-Length Hair?

Easy, cute hairstyles for fine, medium-length hair include a low ponytail, up-flip bob, subtle curls and a feline twist. Tips for making any style cute on fine hair include using volumizing products, drying hair upside down and backcombing sections of the hair.

To create a low ponytail with volume, women start by backcombing the crown of their hair. They use the teeth of the comb the gently smooth the top over before pulling their hair back into a low ponytail.

To do an up-flip on a bob, women dry their hair while using a large round brush. They backcomb all around the crown area in three to four sections before smoothing it back with a boar bristle brush. A light coating of hairspray finishes the style.

Another option for fine hair is adding texturizing mousse to the roots before blow drying. After drying the hair upside down, women add a few random curls all over to boost the volume. For a little more formal of a look, they add more curls all over.

A sleek look for fine, shoulder-length hair is a feline flip. Women dry their hair similarly to the up-flip bob. However, after drying they use a flat iron to accentuate flips all over the hairstyle, finishing with pomade instead of hairspray.