What Are Some Easy Bun Hairstyles for African-American Women?

What Are Some Easy Bun Hairstyles for African-American Women?

Some easy bun hairstyles for African-American women include the fluffy top-knot updo and the twisted bun updo. The high braided bun and the chunky flat-twist bun updo are other bun hairstyles for African-American women.

The fluffy top-knot updo for African-American women features a triple-crossed bun. This style takes five minutes to complete.

The twisted bun updo is a looped bulky bun hairstyle that uses Marley braids. This style is easy to create and does not require the use of damaging heating tools that can break African-American hair.

The chunky flat-twist bun updo works best with relaxed or natural thick hair. Create the style by brushing the hair until it achieves a fluffy texture and braiding the front pieces. Wrap the braids and the remaining hair together into a loosely twisted bun.

The high braided bun works on either curly or straightened hair, but requires longer hair. To create this style, make a fishtail braid and wrap it around a small bun.

The Marley bun features a ballerina bun with bouffant side bangs. The style works for casual or formal occasions. The layered bun is a style that contrasts sleek edges with a messy bun. It works with relaxed hair or hair extensions.

A basic braided bun is an easy style created by braiding the hair into small strands, then wrapping the braids around each other to form a large bun. Wear the bun lower on the head for casual occasions and higher for formal events.