How Do You Easily Braid Short Hair?


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One easy method of braiding short hair is the side French braid, which is accomplished by creating a deep part, and French braiding an inch-wide section of hair starting from the part and working to the opposite temple. To finish the look off, stop braiding at the temple, use a bobby pin or clear elastic tie to secure the braid, and style the rest of your hair as normal. Other easy braids include the snake and Double Dutch braid.

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To do the snake braid for short hair, dry your hair, and make a deep part to the side. Take a section of hair off the fringe from the part, and braid it all the way down to the ends, making sure the braid is tight. Once you reach the ends, hold the middle piece of the braid, and push the other two sections all the way up towards the top of your head. Slowly release the braid while pulling it back slightly, and then secure the braid with a bobby pin and hair spray.

To braid your hair in one form of the Double Dutch braid for short hair that is easy to accomplish, create a part to the side. On the side of the head not parted to the side, take a section of hair just below the part, and braid the hair by placing the side pieces under the middle piece instead of over, as is usually done. Pull the braid back slightly as you braid towards the back of the head, and secure with a bobby pin. Braid a second section of hair in a similar manner below the first braid if desired.

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