What Is the Easiest Way to Remove Fake Nails?

easiest-way-remove-fake-nails Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

The best way to remove fake or acrylic nails is with acetone. When removing fake nails at home, it is always important to proceed carefully. Carelessness can result in damage to the nails.

In order to remove fake nails, a nail cutter, hot water, cotton, tweezers and acetone will be needed. Once the supplies have been gathered, begin the process by clipping acrylic nails as short as possible. Once the nails are short, remove any nail polish by swiping the nails with a cotton swab soaked in acetone.

Next, fill one bowl with acetone and another bowl with hot water. Place the bowl of acetone in the bowl of water in order to warm it. Once the acetone is the right temperature, place the fingers in the solution. Leave them in for about 20 to 25 minutes. If the nails have not softened after that period, leave them in until they are pliant.

Once the nails are soft, they should peel off with the help of tweezers. If the nails are not easily peeling off, allow the fingers to soak in the acetone for a few minutes. Once the nails have been successfully peeled off, coat the nails in cuticle oil to prevent damage.