What Does the Eagle, Globe and Anchor Tattoo Represent?


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The eagle, globe and anchor tattoo is a design that relates directly to the Unites States Marine Corps. It is the official insignia for the Marine Corps.

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According to the Tattoou website, Marines often get the eagle, globe and anchor tattoo to signify their dedication to the U.S. Marine Corps. These tattoos are usually seen on the arm, chest, back or shoulder of a U.S. Marine.

The tattoo usually shows the globe in the middle, and the eagle is generally perched on top with its wings spread and the head in profile. The anchor goes behind the globe, and it is usually entwined with rope. Quite often, the tattoo is accompanied with the words "U.S. Marine Corps," or the initials USMC. The words "Semper Fi" also appear with these tattoos, which is Latin for "always faithful," the slogan for Marines. These can stand alone or be on a scroll.

The globe is derived from the Royal Marines' "Globe and Laurel" emblem, which is meant to convey each soldier's willingness to serve in any part of the world. The bald eagle is the symbol of the Unites States. The anchor dates back to the founding of the Marine Corps in 1775. Marines are connected to the Department of the Navy, and the anchor is meant to symbolize the naval tradition.

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