How Do You Dye a Weave?

How Do You Dye a Weave?

To dye a weave, wash and comb it, dry it overnight, mix and apply the dye, rinse the weave, wash and condition it and let it air dry. This overnight procedure requires foil, towels, water, hair dye, developer, an applicator bottle, a bowl, latex gloves, shampoo, conditioner and a comb.

  1. Prepare the weave

    Shampoo the weave, rinse it and comb it. Let it dry overnight, then inspect it to verify that the hair is free of body oils and styling product residue.

  2. Mix the dye

    Put on latex gloves, and mix the dye according to the manufacturer's directions. Pour the dye into an applicator bottle, close the cap, cover the nozzle and shake the bottle for one minute.

  3. Dye the weave

    Soak the weave with dye, comb it and cover it with foil. Lay it on a towel, and let it process according to the directions on the dye package. Remove and discard your gloves.

  4. Rinse and condition the weave

    Remove the foil, rinse the weave in cool running water and then shampoo it. Rinse it with warm water, comb conditioner through the hair and then rinse it with cold water. Comb it thoroughly, and air dry it. Once it is dry, the weave is ready to wear.