How Do You Dye Red Hair to Blonde?

Dyeing red hair to blond requires bleaching the hair and toning out the brassiness. The process takes up to two hours and requires hair bleach, shampoo, conditioner, a color bowl, a color brush, gloves and a semi-permanent color for toning.

  1. Determine the hair's natural level

    Using color swatches, determine the level of darkness in the hair. Match the color swatches to hair near the scalp on top of the head for the most accurate level.

  2. Select the best method of hair lightening

    If the hair only needs to be lightened one or two levels, use the soap cap method of bleaching. If the hair requires three or more level of lightening to reach the target shade of blond, use hair bleach.

  3. Mix the lightener

    Mix the bleach according to the manufacturer's instructions in a color bowl. If using the soap cap method, add equal parts shampoo and conditioner into the mix.

  4. Apply the lightener

    Section the hair into half-inch segments. With either lightening method, use a color brush to apply the bleach. Start one-inch from the scalp and apply the bleach to within one-inch of the ends. While wearing gloves, work the bleach into each strand of hair.

  5. Process the bleach

    Cover the hair with a plastic cap. If possible, process under a hair dryer. Otherwise, cover the hair with a warm towel. Process the hair for 15 minutes, then check to see if the target level of lightness has been achieved. If not, continue processing, checking the hair at five-minute intervals. When only 10 minutes remain, work the bleach toward the roots and ends.

  6. Rinse out the bleach

    Use cool water and rinse until the water runs clear. Shampoo and condition as usual. Towel dry the hair.

  7. Tone the hair

    Red in the hair causes brassiness. It's also the hardest color to remove, so red hair needs to be toned as well as dyed. Use a purple-based, semi-permanent color at the target level of lightness. Process for 10 minutes, then check if the brassiness is gone. Continue checking at five-minute intervals. Rinse the toner out.