How Do You Dye Polyester?

How Do You Dye Polyester?

To dye polyester, scrub the fabrics, immerse them in a hot dye solution and rinse them. You need the dye, a washing machine, clear water, heating pots, Synthrapol detergent, a wooden stirrer and fabrics.

  1. Scrub the fabrics

    For every pound of fabric, add 1/2 teaspoon of soda ash and 1/2 teaspoon of Synthrapol to the washing machine. Load the machine with the polyester fabrics, and let it complete a hot-water cycle. Don't dry the fabrics.

  2. Mix the dye

    Heat some water in a big pot, add the dye and stir. If dying bright or dark colors, add dye carrier to the mix.

  3. Dye the fabrics

    Immerse the fabrics in the dye solution. While stirring, continue to heat the pot at a medium temperature, and let the dye simmer for half an hour. Dark colors need to simmer longer.

  4. Rinse the fabrics

    Heat a pot of clear water to 180 F. Remove the fabrics from the dye, and immerse them in the hot water. Stir for a few minutes, and transfer the fabrics into another pot of clear water heated to 180 F. Continue rinsing until the rinse water is clear and odorless.

  5. Launder the fabrics

    Launder the fabrics, and dry them in a dryer.