How Do You Dye Your Hair Plum?

How Do You Dye Your Hair Plum?

Dying your hair plum is a simple process that takes about an hour to complete. In order to dye your hair plum, you need a sealable container, access to water, gloves, developer, a towel, petroleum jelly and plum hair colorant.

  1. Wrap a towel around yourself

    Drape a towel around your shoulders so that you do not get colorant on your clothes or furniture. You should pick an old towel because there is a good chance that the towel may be discolored during the process of dying your hair.

  2. Mix the colorant

    Pour the plum colorant into your container, and mix it with the developing solution. Shake the two products inside of the container until they are thoroughly mixed. Ensure that you have enough liquid to cover all of your hair.

  3. Rub jelly on your skin

    Take some of the petroleum jelly, and rub it on your neck and shoulders. The jelly prevents your skin from becoming stained if it comes into contact with the plum hair colorant.

  4. Apply the color and wait

    Read the instructions on your hair colorant for precise instructions. With smooth movements, work from the front of your hair to the back of your hair while rubbing in the hair colorant. After your hair is saturated with dye, you must wait. Different brands of colorant have different waiting times.

  5. Rinse out your hair

    Use cool water to gently but thoroughly rinse out your hair.