How Do You Dye Your Hair so It Looks Like Avril Lavigne's Hair?

How Do You Dye Your Hair so It Looks Like Avril Lavigne's Hair?

Avril Lavigne?s hair and makeup has always been the talk of the town. Her Gothic look and funky hair color coupled with a no hassle hair style makes the grunge look work for her. If you want to dye your hair like Avril Lavigne?s hair, then follow these steps to get the look perfect.

  1. Divide your hair

    Divide your hair into a medium front section and a larger back section. Comb the sections straight so that the hair has no tangles or knots.

  2. Color the sections as per the look

    For the completely platinum blonde look of Avril, get your hairs dyed completely blonde barring the front section. The front section can be dyed in bubblegum pink color or any other color of your choice. For more variety, you can divide the front sections into two more sections and color them spring green and bubblegum pink or any of your favorite colors.

  3. Be different

    You don't need to copy Avril Lavigne's entire look; express your unique style by adding some funk and more color. You can also mix together two or more of her looks by coloring the bottom bottom section of your hair platimun blonde and coloring the top section of your hair dirty blonde.