How Do You Dye Your Hair With Lemon Juice?

To dye your hair with lemon juice, make a solution out of lemon juice, chamomile tea, cinnamon and sweet almond oil in a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the hair, and sit outside to activate the process.

  1. Brew chamomile tea

    Pour 2 cups of hot water on top of 1/2-cup of chamomile blossoms. Select loose tea over bags, opening the bags if necessary as this gives the highest color concentration. Steep the tea while the water cools.

  2. Squeeze the lemon juice

    While the chamomile is steeping, cut three large lemons in half. Use a citrus squeezer to release all of the liquid, which should come to about 1/3 of a cup. Select fresh lemon juice over pre-squeezed varieties for best color.

  3. Mix the first two ingredients

    Strain the chamomile tea, and pour it into a spray bottle. Remove any seeds from the lemon juice, and add this to the spray bottle. Shake well.

  4. Add the other ingredients

    Measure out 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon for extra lightening properties, and add it to the spray bottle. Measure 1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil for moisturizing properties, and add this to the bottle. Shake vigorously so that the oil and water blend.

  5. Spray the mixture onto the hair

    Directly after shaking the bottle, spray the mixture anywhere you want natural highlights. The dye takes sunlight to activate it, so only spray onto areas that are exposed to the sun.

  6. Process in the sun

    Sit with your hair exposed to the sun for a minimum of 20 minutes. The longer you expose the hair to the sunlight, though, the lighter the color becomes.

  7. Rinse and condition

    Rinse out the color with cool water. Condition hair as usual.