How Do You Dye Your Hair With Kool-Aid?


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Changing the color of your hair with Kool-Aid requires an old towel, hair clips, a package or two of sugar-free Kool-Aid in the desired color, a large mixing bowl, wooden spoons, water and hair conditioner. Supplies such as petroleum jelly, latex gloves, Saran Wrap and a shower cap may be needed. This process should be done overnight for best results.

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How Do You Dye Your Hair With Kool-Aid?
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  1. Mix the color

    Place a towel around your shoulders, and put on a pair of gloves. Mix the powdered sugar-free Kool-Aid packets in a mixing bowl with a couple of drops of water to form a paste.

  2. Separate your hair into sections

    Separate your hair into sections depending upon where you wish to apply the color. Use hair clips to divide hair for highlights.

  3. Apply petroleum jelly to protect your face and ears

    Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around your hairline and on your ears to protect them from stains.

  4. Apply the color

    Add a few drops of thick hair conditioner to the Kool-Aid mixture, and apply it where you desire the new color to show. Use your fingers to saturate each section thoroughly.

  5. Cover your head with Saran Wrap

    Cover your head with Saran Wrap to keep the Kool-Aid dye from dripping. Wear a shower cap to help keep the clips in place. Sleep with the dye in your hair overnight.

  6. Wash and style as usual

    In the morning, wash your hair and style it as usual.

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