How Do You Dye Hair With Jell-O?

Dye your hair with Jell-O by mixing a packet of Jell-O with hair conditioner in a small bowl, then applying the mixture to your hair. You need Jell-O, hair conditioner, a bowl, petroleum jelly to protect your skin, water and a towel. The process takes approximately one hour.

  1. Select your colors

    Select the colors you want to use in your hair. Purchase Jell-O in these colors.

  2. Prepare the mixture

    Mix one packet of Jell-O and hair conditioner in a bowl. Avoid mixing the colors by using a separate bowl for each Jell-O color.

  3. Protect your face, neck and ears

    Apply petroleum jelly around your hairline and on your ears. This prevents the color from staining your face, neck and ears.

  4. Apply the Jell-O mixture.

    Coat the hair with the Jell-O mixture. If you are using different colors, section the hair, and apply each color to a different section. Dampen a towel in warm water, and wrap it around your head. Wait one hour.

  5. Rinse your hair

    Remove the towel from your head. Rinse the Jell-O mixture out of your hair, and wipe off the petroleum jelly. Style your hair as desired. The Jell-O color lasts from seven to ten washes. If you want to keep the color longer, repeat the process once the Jell-O fades.